The Great Jubilee Bake-Off Rules:

Competition is open to all attendees of the Platinum Jubilee Whiteway Family Fun Day, Saturday 2nd June 2022 and all residents of the Miserden Parish who may or may not be able to attend.
All entries must be decorated to reflect the Jubilee theme.

Entry Classes are as follows:
Under 12s must submit a minimum of 6 (six)  identical cupcakes. Children may have adult coaching, but must measure, mix, bake and decorate them entirely themselves.

Over 12s must make a Victoria Sandwich. It can be a classic recipe, or a take on a Victoria Sandwich, but must be recognizable as the classic layer cake.
Under 12s may enter this class, but will be judged equally with other entrants.

Intermediate entrants must make a 3 or more layer cake of their choosing, keeping within the Jubilee theme for decorations. Victoria Sandwiches are allowed, as long as they are 3 or more tiers. Over 12s may enter this class, but will be judged equally with others in this class.

Advanced entrants must make a centrepiece ‘showstopper’ which can be layered, tiered, or a combination of the two. Display area is limited to 3 square feet of table space. Over 12s may enter this class, but will be judged equally with others in this class.

All entrants must adhere to a code of honesty that the cakes are made entirely from scratch and completely on their own. All cakes must be decorated with icing made from scratch. Pre-made/store bought fondant and marzipan may be use.
A complete list of cake and decoration ingredients must be provided and on display alongside the entry in case of allergens. Entries not providing an ingredient list will be disqualified. Sorry, no exceptions.
All hand-made decoration (including fondant) will be awarded extra points.
Under 12s may use pre-made sweets in decoration, in moderation.

Points will be awarded in the following categories: Overall presentation, creativity, quality of decoration, adherence to theme, neatness of decoration, quality of bake (overdone/underdone, dry/moist, use of complementary flavours, etc.).

Awards are as follows: Best in Class (4 trophies), 2nd and 3rd place rosettes in each class, Best in Show (grand trophy).
Special awards for Most Creative in Class (4 awards), Most Creative in Show (special award). All entrants will receive a Platinum Jubilee souvenir rosette.

Entrants agree to share their cakes with those attending the Whiteway Family Fun Day upon completion of awards ceremony.

All entrants agree to have their name and photo published on the Miserden Parish Council website and in the Jubilee edition of the Parish Post. Parents may opt to have their child’s face blurred and name withheld upon request.

Click on file below to fill in the entry form, then send to: