There is currently a casual vacancy on the council.
If you are keen to serve the people of this parish, are on the Electoral Roll, have no criminal convictions in the past five years, and are not currently involved in a bankruptcy case, you are eligible to sit for the Parish Council.

(see for a full list of qualifications and disqualifications.)

If ten individuals request a poll to the Returning Officer before May 16, a bye-election will be held and paid for by the Parish Council.
Otherwise, the vacancy will be filled by co-option at the next regular council meeting..

All interested parties for this post should submit a letter to the parish clerk. (Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) (England and Wales) Rules 2006, r5/2(a))

If more than one qualified person puts their name forward, the candidates will be discussed at the next full council meeting on May 25th and a vote taken. A clear majority must be made.

The candidates are welcome to attend this council meeting as a member of the public, and have the right to be present during the discussion and vote, but do not have the right to participate in the discussion.
(Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) (England and Wales) Rules 2006, SI 2006/3305 r 5(5).