• Businesses or individuals posting advertising or directional signs around the edges of roads or on the outside of boundary walls is illegal without specific planning permission from Gloucestershire Highways.
  • Any signage which distracts drivers, regardless of location, will be removed by the Highways department.  Parties who have infringed upon this rule may be subject to legal action from Highways.
    The Parish Council is not responsible for policing or removing signs; however we work in close cooperation with the Highways department to ensure our parish remains safe for drivers and litter-free from signs and flyers and will assist in removal if asked to do so by the Highways manager.
  • Signs on private property to identify the property (such as the house number or name) are allowed providing the sign is back away from the road and not distracting to motorists.
  • Signs on private property visible from the road must not be advertising and must not be distracting to motorists.
  • Temporary signs for community events may be allowed; please contact the parish clerk for more details.


  • There are community noticeboards in each area of the parish suitable for community-related posting. You are also held responsible for recycling the flyers/notices after your event has passed.
  • Placing flyers on cars is generally frowned upon by car owners upon returning to their cars. The flyers then wind up as litter on the road and in the countryside.
    We ask that you please refrain from posting flyers on cars.

Businesses wishing to advertise have the opportunity to post adverts in local magazines or to arrange circulars with the Royal Mail.