Casual Vacancy

Do you care about your community and are keen to serve the members of the public? Have you lived within the Miserden Parish (The Camp, Miserden, Sudgrove, Whiteway and Wishanger) for the last 12 consecutive months? Are you available the last Wednesday of the month to attend council meetings in Miserden or Whiteway at least six months of the year?
If you answered yes to the above, there is currently a casual vacancy on the council, and you may just be the person for the role.
If you are keen to serve the people of this parish, are on the Electoral Roll, have no criminal convictions in the past five years, and are not currently involved in a bankruptcy case, you are eligible to sit for the Parish Council.1

All interested parties for this post should submit a letter2 addressed to
the Parish Clerk, Arreton Cottage, Miserden, as soon as possible.

If more than one qualified person puts their name forward, the candidates will be discussed at the next full council meeting on May 25th and a vote taken3.

The term of a parish councillor is 4 years; however, as this is a mid-term co-option to fill a casual vacancy, the term will last until the next general election in May 2025, where you are eligible to run for election, if you so wish.
This is a voluntary position, i.e., there is no monitory remuneration. You will, however, receive professional training, and have the full support of the GAPTC, Miserden Parish Council and the clerk to the council to assist you. Click here to read more about what we are looking for in a councillor:

1see for a full list of qualifications and disqualifications.)
2(Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) (England and Wales) Rules 2006, r5/2(a)),
3The candidates are welcome to attend this council meeting as a member of the public, and have the right to be present during the discussion and vote, but do not have the right to participate in the discussion.
(Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) (England and Wales) Rules 2006, SI 2006/3305 r 5(5).

Last Parish Council Meeting of 2021

Agenda November 2021
It’s our last meeting of the year, and the last meeting on our usual Tuesday evening!
From January 2022, we will be meeting the LAST WEDNESDAY of the month unless otherwise posted.  All are welcome to attend the meeting; however, members of the community are asked to contact the clerk a minimum of five days prior to the meeting to add an item to the agenda.
All attendees must abide by our Standing Orders.

Following the UK government guidelines on COVID, and in light of the newly discovered Omicron variant, we will kindly ask all attendees to wear protective face coverings and remain at a social distance.

Meeting agenda:
Agenda November 2021