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 Views wanted on ambitious proposed 2024/25 budget for Gloucestershire
07-12-2023 01:19 PM GMT
Gloucestershire County Council wants to hear your views on its ambitious proposed 2024/25 budget.

Gloucestershire Libraries launch first choir to help combat loneliness
07-12-2023 09:21 AM GMT
Gloucestershire Libraries have launched their first choir to help combat loneliness and isolation among the over-65s.

Twist on festive songs to discourage drink and drug driving
06-12-2023 04:59 PM GMT
The Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) is today launching their annual anti drink and drug driving festive campaign by trying something new this year. The partnership has taken Christmas songs and changed the lyrics weaving in hard hitting messages aiming to discourage people from drinking or taking drugs when they drive.
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