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New Venue!

Venue change for the Annual Parish Meeting

Published: 28 May 2024

UPDATE: The venue has changed for the Annual PARISH MEETING Wednesday at 7:30. The Folk Camp have graciously given us the Village Hall for our meeting! Which means (now that the weather has changed) we no longer have to brave the elements, it will be a quieter and easier to hear people speak, and those who were looking forward to the folk music can still walk over to the pub afterwards and enjoy the live music along with a warm fire.
For those who may be confused as to what a Parish Meeting is all about, let me try to clarify a few key points. It is NOT an AGM, and certainly NOT a stuffy council meeting! There is no rigid agenda, and you are free to speak conversationally. Its purpose has always been for the folks in the community to get together and talk about what is on their minds, whether it’s concerns for the environment or what’s happening right outside their door. The council will be there to LISTEN, take concerns on board, and make sure your voice is heard.
That said, we will still be serving refreshments including complimentary wine and cheese, nibbles and fruit. We hope you can join us!

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