A to Z List of Services

(Parish, District, County)


Abandoned vehicles (District)

Access for disabled people (Parish)

Access to information (Parish)

Accident Prevention (County)

Adapting homes (County)

Adoption (County)

Advertising (Parish)

Alcohol licence (District)

Allotments (Parish)

Allowances (welfare benefits) (County)

Animal fouling (District)

Archives (County)

Asbestos management (District)

Attendance and truancy (County)

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Barnwood Trust (Barnwood Trust)

Benefits (County)

Bin collection (District)

Blocked drains and sewers (District)

Blue badge (County)

Bulky household waste collection (District)

Burials (Town)

Burnt out vehicle (District)

Bus passes (County)

Bus Routes and Stops in Miserden/Whiteway

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CAP Debt Help (CAP Debt Help)

Car parking permits (County)

Car parks (Town)

Care needs assessment (County)

Cemeteries (Town)

Chaperone services (schoolchildren) (County)

Charities (Town)

Child care (County)

Child performance licence (County)

Childminders (County)

Citizens Advice

Citizenship ceremonies (County)

Clinical household waste (District)

Community alarms and telecare (County)

Community and day care centres (County)

Community assets (District)

Community support groups & organisations (County)

Community transport (District)

Community Wellbeing Service (Independence Trust)

Complaints procedure (District)

Complaints procedure (County)

Conservation areas (District)

Council garages (District)

Council housing (District)

Council housing repairs (District)

Council tax (District)

Council tax benefit (District)

Council tax discount (District)

Councillors (District)

Councillors (County)

Councillors (Parish)

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Day care centres (County)

Dead animal removal (District)

Decision notices (planning) (District)

Defibrillators (Parish)

Derelict properties (District)

Direct Payments (County)

Disabled facilities grant (District)

Disabled parking (Village)

Disabled people – bus passes (County)

Disabled people – home adaptions and aids (County)

Disabled people – parking bays (County)

Disabled people – parking permits (County)

Dog Fouling (District)

Dog litter bins (Parish)

Dog wardens (District)

Drain and gully clearance (County)

Drainage (District)

Dropped kerbs (County)

Dumped cars (District)

Dumped rubbish (District)

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Education free school meals (County)

Education school transport (County)

Electoral register (District)

Emergency plan (District)

Emergency plan (County)

Entertainment and events (Parish)

Entertainment licence – children (County)

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Family history archives (County)

Family information services (County)

Family support (County)

Family Support (Home-Start Stroud District)

Flooding help (District)

Fly posting (District)

Flytipping (District)

Food Bank (Stroud District Food Bank)

Footpaths (rights of way) (Parish)

Fostering (County)

Fouling animals (District)

Free school meals (County)

Freedom of Information (Parish)

Furniture Bank (Stroud District Furniture Bank)

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Garage lettings (District)

Garden waste disposal (District)

Graffiti removal (District)

Grants for voluntary organisations (District)

Grants for voluntary organisations (County)

Gritting (roads) (County)

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Hazardous waste collection (District)

Highways (County)

Home schooling (County)

Homelessness support (District)

Household garden waste (District)

Household waste collection (District)

Housing allocation (District)

Housing benefit (District)

Housing exchanges and transfers (District)

Housing grants (disabled facilities) (District)

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Information in libraries (County)

Insight Gloucestershire (Insight Gloucestershire)


Jobcentre (Jobcentre Plus)

Joining a library (County)

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Large household waste collection (District)

Library catalogue (County)

Library computers and the internet (County)

Library facilities (County)

Library joining (County)

Library loans renewals (County)

Liquor licence (District)

Litter removal (District)

Local history archives (County)

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Markets (Town)

Meals on wheels (County)

Memorials (Parish)

Mobile libraries (County)

Mobile meals (County)

Mutual home exchange (District)

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Neighbourhood Wardens (District)

Noise (District)

Nursery schools (County)


Obstructed pavements (County)

Older peoples bus pass (County)

Orange (now blue badge) (County)

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Parish Councillors (Parish)

Parking (Village)

Parking fines (County)

Parking penalties (County)

Parking permits (County)

Parks and open spaces (District)

Parks and open spaces (County)

Pest control (District)

Planning (District)

Planning applications (Parish)

Playing Fields (Parish)

Police (Gloucestershire Police)

Potholes (County)

Premises licence (District)

Primary school places (County)

Public conveniences (Village)

Public footpaths (Parish)

Public transport (County)

Public weighbridges (County)

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Records office (County)

Recycling bags and containers (District)

Registering for a council property (District)

Report Stray Dog (District)

Respite care for children and young people (County)

Road cleaning (District)

Road flooding (County)

Road gritting (County)

Road maintenance (County)

Road obstructions (County)

Road safety (County)

Road signs (District)

Road spillages (County)

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Safe and Well (Glosfire) (County)

Salting and gritting (County)

School attendance and truancy (County)

School closures (County)

School clothing grants (County)

School term dates (County)

School transport (County)

Secondary schools (County)

Sheltered housing (County)

Social activities and support groups (County)

Social benefits (County)

Special educational needs transport (County)

Speed limits (County)

Street lighting (County)

Street name plates (District)

Street parking enforcement (County)

Street parties permission (District)

Streetlink (Streetlink)

Studies and qualifications (post-16) (County)

Syringe disposal (District)

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Traffic Regulation Orders (County)

Transport policy (County)

Tree preservation (District)

Truancy (County)



Voluntary organisation grants (District)

Voluntary organisation grants (County)

Voting (District)

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Walking to school (County)

War memorials (Historic England)

Winter road maintenance (County)

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